• Adaptation

    We adapt quickly to the needs and specifications of our customers.
  • Agility

    To interpret the market changes, and quick responses to your needs.
  • Specialization

    Careful selection of national and international products.
  • Innovation

    Continuous research of new products in both the domestic and international markets
  • Proximity

    Close relationship with our customers.
  • Tradition

    Long experience in the marketing and distribution of meats and dairy products.

Derivatives sea

Cod, salmon, tuna, ... All these products and many more, are guaranteed excellent quality, fresh taste and an elegant presentation among other features, are the minimum quality we ask our marine products.

  • Surimi

  • Smoked Tuna

  • Cod natur

  • Carpaccio of tuna

  • Carpaccio of cod

  • Octopus carpaccio

  • Carpaccio of salmon

  • Mojama

  • Extra Mojama

  • Smoked Swordfish

  • Smoked Salmon

  • Smoked Salmon

  • Smoked Salmon in vegetable oil

  • Assorted Smoked in vegetable oil