• Adaptation

    We adapt quickly to the needs and specifications of our customers.
  • Agility

    To interpret the market changes, and quick responses to your needs.
  • Specialization

    Careful selection of national and international products.
  • Innovation

    Continuous research of new products in both the domestic and international markets
  • Proximity

    Close relationship with our customers.
  • Tradition

    Long experience in the marketing and distribution of meats and dairy products.


Working with several national and international manufacturers gives us a wide range of products, more than two hundred cheeses, of all sizes and of all kinds, for more information see our catalogs.

  • Raw Milk Cheese Sheep Añejo Vellon

  • Raw Milk Cheese Vellon Cured Sheep

  • Raw milk cheese Vellon Mini Sheep

  • Sheep Milk Cheese Old

  • Sheep Cheese At rosemary

  • Aged Sheep Cheese

  • Cured Sheep Cheese mini

  • Cured Sheep Cheese

  • Sheep Cheese Semi Cured

  • Sheep Cheese Tender under salt

  • Sheep Cheese

  • Sheep Cake PastoraTorta fads fads Sheep Shepherdess

  • Mahon SA NAVETA Formatge semicurat

  • Brie to Truffe Noire

  • Brie de Meaux au lait cru

  • Comté BIO

  • Comte Fort Saint Antoine

  • Delice des Cremiers

  • English Stilton

  • Epoisses

  • Fourme d'Ambert au lait cru

  • Gres de Vosges

  • Gusthofer Pesto

  • Gusthofer

  • Le Nuits d'Or des Cremiers

  • Le Roule Ananas

  • Le Roule Arandanos

  • Le Roule Fines Herbes

  • Mimolette Française

  • Minolette BIO

  • Morbier

  • Picandou mit Oliven

  • Roquefort Le Vieux Berger

  • Caprillice rosemary cheese 425gr

  • Rosemary Cheese Caprillice

  • Wine Cheese 425gr Caprillice

  • Caprillice Cured Cheese

  • Bifidus Caprillice Cheese 425gr

  • Bifidus Caprillice Cheese

  • Cured Cheese 425gr Caprillice

  • Caprillice Cheese 300gr

  • Cheese Caprillice

  • Matured Cheese Casita Caprillice

  • The Painted Cottage Cheese Caprillice

  • Tender the castità Lonchedao Cheese 200gr

  • Matured Cheese Caprillice

  • Caprillice Semicurado Cheese 425gr

  • Napkin Cheese 425gr Caprillice

  • Napkin matured cheese 425gr

  • Matured Cheese Caprillice Napkin

  • Caprillice Soft Cheese 450g

  • The cottage Soft Cheese

  • Caprillice Curd 250g

  • Curd Caprillice

  • Sliced ​​200g Goat Rulo