• Adaptation

    We adapt quickly to the needs and specifications of our customers.
  • Agility

    To interpret the market changes, and quick responses to your needs.
  • Specialization

    Careful selection of national and international products.
  • Innovation

    Continuous research of new products in both the domestic and international markets
  • Proximity

    Close relationship with our customers.
  • Tradition

    Long experience in the marketing and distribution of meats and dairy products.


Our careful selection of hams manufacturers gives us a high quality in the products we offer at a very reasonable our products come from the manufacturers that have below:

  • Diaz Serrano Ham Centre

  • Iberian Ham bait

  • Jamon Serrano Gran Reserva

  • Curated Palette

  • Diaz Iberian

  • Boneless cured ham

  • Jamón Serrano Boneless C 42

  • Cured boneless ham

  • Jamón Serrano

  • Boneless Cured Ham Gran Reserva Escamusa Rites

  • Rites Cured Ham Gran Reserva Escamusa

  • Serrano Ham Boneless Escamusa Rites

  • Serrano Ham Escamusa Rites

  • Rites polished boneless ham Escamusa

  • Rites boneless ham Escamusa

  • Boneless Ham V Rites Escamusa

  • Roasted

  • Roast Ham

  • Roast Ham with bone

  • Boneless roast ham

  • Seared Jamon cat

  • Lacon roast without jueso

  • Roasted loin and ham Lacon

  • Taco aumado bacon 400g