• Adaptation

    We adapt quickly to the needs and specifications of our customers.
  • Agility

    To interpret the market changes, and quick responses to your needs.
  • Specialization

    Careful selection of national and international products.
  • Innovation

    Continuous research of new products in both the domestic and international markets
  • Proximity

    Close relationship with our customers.
  • Tradition

    Long experience in the marketing and distribution of meats and dairy products.

Meats, cooked and cured

In this section you can find an exclusive selection of cooked and cured sausages from leading manufacturers such as Catalan national we offer a wide range of different types of sausages.

  • Iberian pig head cut Frial

  • Iberian ham roast Center emplatado Frial

  • Chicharron fried emplatado Frial

  • Roast Ham emplatado white paw Frial

  • Lomo saxony emplatado Frial

  • Ham emplatado foot Frial

  • Duck with orange cut Frial

  • To serve truffled turkey Frial

  • To serve turkey breast naturally Frial

  • Duck Ham 50g

  • Double Bacon

  • Natural Smoky Bacon

  • Selection Smoked Bacon

  • Smoked Bacon-skinned Selected

  • Paris bar 11x11

  • Vienna paris york bar

  • Vienna Bar 11x11

  • 1st york bar 11x11

  • Chopped turkey

  • Chopped pork

  • Whole Baked Ham 1911

  • 1911 OVAL cooked ham

  • Whole cooked ham girona

  • Can cooked ham

  • Ham cooked whole nature

  • Whole cooked ham prestige

  • Unsalted whole cooked ham

  • Lomo saxony

  • Mortadella olives January 1911

  • Bologna 1911

  • Whole bologna mortadella

  • Boiled & choppeds

  • I cooked flat Palette 1911

  • Fresh Palette zurich

  • Palette I flat 1911

  • Shoulder baked prestige

  • Turkey breast mold

  • Turkey breast prestige

  • Chorizo Extra Diaz

  • Iberian Chorizo ​​Diaz

  • Stuffed loin Diaz

  • Iberian loin Diaz

  • Morcón Diaz

  • Extra Sausage Diaz

  • Diaz Iberian sausage

  • Ibericas strings Diaz

  • Tables and Assortments Diaz

  • Chorizo ​​Extra White Rites Escamusa

  • Rites White Escamusa Chorizo

  • Red Chorizo ​​Extra Rites Cular Escamusa

  • Red Chorizo ​​Extra Rites Escamusa

  • Rites sweet and spicy sausages Escamusa

  • Rites Escamusa pork loin

  • Whole and halves Rites Lomo Escamusa

  • Marinated Bacon Escamusa Rites

  • Artisan sobrassada

  • Sobrassada cular-cosida

  • Sobrassada of black pig

  • Natural Sobrassada